With the help of wallartphotgraphy we aim to offer large sized prints on canvas and photographic paper up to 6m wide by 1.5m high.

Taking pictures on very high resolution equipment, we would offer these images up to almost full size of your pride and joy for you to fix to your garage, office, workshop walls, these can be colour or there is a range of black and white or vintage finishes.

We recently had a request from a good friend who has a stunning Ducati built by him from two different models, so a 1 off bike that looks great, trouble is all the photos he had taken the bike came out in a orange and not the true red, he really wanted a nice framed print of his beautiful bike.

We took the pictures on high resolution cameras and using editing software we changed the photo to black and white, then overlaid the bike again in colour and brought the colours of the bike back to how they should look, mounted it in a light cream border and black frame, looking stunning when finished, we gave it to my friend as a birthday gift and it actually brought a tear to his eye, softy.

So please enquire if you would like a photo or large canvas of your pride and joy.