If your looking for something a little different or have an old engine or parts from and old car, plane, boat, or whatever and not sure what to do with it, give us a call as we can turn it into a piece of art, coffee table of something a little different that no one else will have, all fabricated in house.

Here is just a couple of items that clients have given us to make them into small tables for them

After a client was forced to put an exchange engine in his Maserati, he was not shaw what to do with the old one, just to good to go to scrap, so he brought it to us and we sat down and decided to make it into a coffee table.

Stripping the engine down removing pistons, crank ect to lighten it as much as possible, fabricated solid steel base & feet and lightweight top to hold glass, we did the block and heads in chrome and repainted the covers red and black, polishing the Maserati back into them by hand, reassembled and looks stunning now.

A client of ours imported a couple of vintage airplane engine cylinder heads brought them to us and asked if we could turn them into side tables, saying he had seen something similar in Tokyo but at a silly price.

again we stripped down, shot blasted, span out aluminium bases, and fabricated cover plates and brackets to hold the glass, had it all chromed and then reassembled.