Spire GTR track/race car.

This car was brought by us as a semi built rolling chassis, and it was soon clear to see as we started work on it, we would first need to completely take it apart and start the build from scratch, but we do like a challenge.

We undertook this build in my own garage in our spare time and some 14 months after buying the car, it was finished, not only suitable for track days and racing but perfectly road legal, we installed a Kawasaki ZR1200 cc motorbike engine, fitted a racing Elite diff, giving full reverse from a bike engine, infact if you really wanted and had the courage to use them you can have 6 reverse gears. We fitted a full Digi dash, cockpit and remote engine fire extinguishers, Reverie carbon fibre air box which we modified to fit the air intake on the car and the engine, Tillet carbon fibre race seats and 4 point harness, fitted paddle shift system, quick release racing steering wheel, Yokohama tyres, then it was time for body prep and paint, being a fibreglass body shell the gaps and finish were not good at all, so our painter set to work spending approx 140 hours on correcting all the gaps and finishing the panels so the fit was perfect before painting. This is an awesome car that on the track out performs most other track cars out there.

The car as we got it just putting the wheels on and tyres so we could move it about

After rebuilding prior to painting, Silverstone track test

After dismantling and completely rebuilding, off to body shop for shaping and painting

On the road, an couldn't resist the snow

Chief Mechanic